The story

The bikenode.brussels recreational bike node network was launched on 26th of August 2020. Initiative of Tanguy De Lestré with technical support of Pascal Brackman and the involvement of some  40 citizens that have made it possible to diffuse the information, be enthusiastic, create ideal routes, select, and test them based on their best knowledge and the bikenode criteria of safety, enjoyability and experience. Summer 2020 the Corona measures did not allow any physical meeting, so everything happened completely online, making it an exceptional project that started on 15th of July 2020 as a pure volunteer zero budget but not zero sweat project.

With thanks toi :

input in creation

Alejandro Rodarte

Benjamin McEldowney

Driss Kasri

Harold Habousha

Idris Abidi

Matthias Van Wijnendaele

Pascal Brackman

Rien van de Wall

Steve Lersberghe

Tanguy De Lestré

Thierry Jimenez

Checking of the more than 584 km of bikenode loops during w.e of 15th of August:

Barbara Soenens

Jan van der Auwera

Harold Habousha

Lucian Stănescu

Michel Quicheron

Olivier Xhonneux

Peter Pype

Peter Van den Broek

Steven Declerck

Tanguy De Lestré

Thierry Jimenez

Tom Ruette

Willem Van Besien

And the enthousiastic Brussels biker community that diffused the information.

Special thanks to Thierry and Rien that made it possible to release such a qualitative recreational network.

Technical partner: Pascal Brackman - routeyou technical and publishing 

Facilitation partner and initiator : Tanguy De Lestré - delestre.org and tokvil.be facilitation of the project

With specific support of Fietsersbond, Cactus, co-creation zone 1,5

Projectpage : www.bxldotnode.brussels

Although community driven, this network does not fall into the public domain,  The owner of the network is as follows:

Tanguy De Lestré, Paul Deschanellaan 120, 1030 Schaerbeek  contact: info@bikenode.brussels

contact for any re-use of the network/ or derivative product.

Use of the network is under everyone's responsability.  The owner cannot be liable for incidents happening due to biker end use  of the bikenode.brussels network