websession 1 outcome and outlook to websession 2 and 3

Yesterday, 25/11, was the first websession of bikenode.

Vhello coordinator Corentin went through the creation of the Vhello network, its usage. And provided an overall economic view of the yearly financial returns of a bikenode network with an interesting number per year mer km of bikenode around 20K.

Around the table some specialists of slow tourims and bike entrepreneurs.

Some interesting lessons:

- attracting families and kids: safety first (closed circuits with no cars), and need of smaller bike nodes to alllow shorter bike tours than the avrage 70 now;

- be serious about bike labelling quality;

- signage towards a labeled restaurant/hotel should be close to the bikenode (not like 5 km in the Walloon decree for example);

- significant peaks in usage in some areas close to Brussels

- correlation between usage of the digital bikeroute planner and the actual usage conversion.

Facebook Replay

Next week:

30/11 How to organise the bikenode initiative to be able to sustain the initiative in governance and business model?

Bikenodes are often organised by public authorities and than citizens are helping as volunteers; in Brussels it has been done the other way around, so this brings some questions of governance and of business models. This session is important ahead of the workshop of sociale innovatiefabriek where bikenode is participating in the next day.

MO 30/11 20H15-21H30

Register now on zoom link and add it to your calendar https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86230501742

9/12 Signage of the bikenode network worldcafé idea gathering

There will not be an official bikenode signage for some time. What are the creative work-arounds? A gathering of the most crazy ideas, and hopefully usable at the end.

WED 9/12 17H30-18H30 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88060977734

Register now on zoom link and add it to your calendar

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