The other Belgian bike node recreational networks

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The honeycomb node networks are an important promotional tool for sustainable and slow tourism.

Routeplanners like and Fietsknoop,... already have an overview of a lot of them.

Lets's dive a little deeper here with the links and info:

Let's look at the 'Walloon' networks - most of them quite recent

South of Charleroi CM-Tourisme

South of Charleroi there is very nice nature with the famous Lacs de l'eau d'Heure and other nature stretching even over partly over the French border. The area is quite diverse, as it includes also a famous chalk area that is stretching all to the Ardennes (and creates a microclimate + underground caves)

Wallonie Picarde - visitWAPI

About 1600 km of neat node network linked to the French and Flemish networks

Liège province

Very dynamic province for the bikenodes. The site is really complete.

Check out the suggestions for train + bike along the Ourthe.


Smaller 350 km network around in 6 communes; in 2022 the network will change and have the existing green look instead of the other one.


Discover the mythic Vennbahn trail and much more in the App of the Ostkantons in Belgium.


Toerisme Vlaams Brabant

This network was recently updated around Brussels with over 1200 km of quality node networks. And arround Brussels the signages have the QR code to the Brussels routeplanner - thank you!

Toerisme Oost Vlaanderen

This network has over 3500 kilometer of signed paths, 940 nodes and nearly 17000 signages. There are 5 touristic areas in Ghent and surrounding.

West toerisme

There are several regional networks for West Vlaanderen towards the coastline, linking in north to Zeews VL, Oost VL, France and Hainaut networks.

Interesting of the network is that it is promoting some starting points in the network, where you have clear signages, and can also park your car/ some public transport hub

The web interface is quite old fashioned unfortunately, needing a real revamp.

Also the Province of Antwerp suggests starting points and links this with restaurants etc.

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