Service update -re-use/usage

It is the aim to continue providing a great and up to date experience of a bikenode network in the Brussel region for recreational use.

Note that this initiative is not in the public domain, as it does not receive any financial support from public authorities.

To continue updating the (digital) network trail and keep the community alive does come at a maintenance cost.

Use and re-use of the network (like creating thematic routes outside of the bikenode routeplanner, publishing routeplanner guides, integrating into a routeplanner,...) is therefore only allowed after contact and agreement on copyright and usage with the owner of the bikenode network.

The owner of the network is as follows:

Tanguy De Lestré, p/a activité 30075 Productions Associées asbl Rue Coenraets, 72 1060 Bruxelles TVA N° BE 0896 755 contact:

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