Physical signage of network announced

This is breaking great news.

Today in the Brussels Parliament several announcements were made by the Brussels minister of mobility E. Vandenbrandt related to the bikenode project:

- confirmation that the physical signage will be rolled out, and that tender has been attributed regarding the exact placement of the signage and the signage itself by end of 2022

- a big thank you to all the bikenode community

- confirmation that the bikenode community will continue to be involved in the network

All in all these announcements are a major and positive turning point in the project, as it means that the actual network will be realised and will be maintained for the years to come.

It is also an acknowledgement of the collective work that is realised by citizens and in dialogue with public authorities.

For time being the work will mean a 'handover' of the network and keys + keeping up bikenode community

We will strive to have a real meeting early march in the new bikehub in the city-center to talk about ambassadorships and other topics.


A. Verstraeten (Groen!) also highlighted the importance of such a network for local tourism and he himself mentionned it was really fun to do bikenodes with kids

Anne-charlotte d'Ursel (MR) than has been following up this dossier for over a year in a constructive oppostion to make sure that this important network will be realised and economic benefits taken into account as well as the citizen efforts.

Also the press talks about it:

Bruzz (web and radio)


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