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Dernière mise à jour : 28 févr. 2021

The Mobility Commission of the Brussels Parliament dealt with! The question was asked by parliamentarian d'Ursel to minister of mobility E. Van den Brandt.

Here the remarkable points :

- MEP d'Ursel clearly stated the economic importance of bike tourism and provided a call to reflect on the creation of a 'routebureau' an office that dyamically manages the digital and physical road signage of bike and by extent slow travel.

- the Minister welcomed the initiative ; she indicated that actually bikenode is a touristic network and therefore ' the management and promotion is the responsbility of'. She explained that would promote with the publicatio of a touristic paper and digital map. She could not answer on actual numbers on recreational bike users.

It seems that the minister states (and confirms thereby that the position is unchanged) that her administration Brussels mobility, is not in charge of recreational biking activities.

- Further the minister acknowedged that the ICR (regional bike infrastructure roads and signage ) will be evaluated this year, in the light of the goodmove project. This is also interesting, as it will enable a reset and evolution of the bike signed roads.

The intervention can be found on 2H27 and 2H40 of this video

Betwween 2.27 and 2.40

Further to this parliamentary question two articles were published in French Le Soir and on Dutch Bruzz

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