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Dernière mise à jour : 23 mars 2021


The citizen driven bikenode recreational network intends to launch a crowdfunding campaign on 1st of May.

This campaign will happen with the support and the team of the Growfunding platform.

A team of volunteers is needed to prepare different parts of this crowdfunding campaign

Typical tasks:

- participate in the two information sessions with growfunding

- elaborate the media campaign / video

- involve the ecosystem of bike actors in Brussels for growfunding exchanges

- shape and bring your ideas


A bikenode system is a powerful common layer that supports a local recreational network of bike friendly actors (bike repair, bike BnB, local bike cafés,,...) along the bike road of recreational bikers.

The bikenode network needs to be updated, even in its digital format, to continue to be correct and usable. The Growfunding campaign will serve the purpose of an important citizen led update in July, and to consolidate the links with the bike local recreational network through visibility. It is a real #slow tourism project, contributing to a transition to a slow and responsible tourism.


That is something you will know when participating in the team.


Estimated time: 3-4 evening meetings between next Sunday and end of April and some preparations in between

Language: NL/FR/UK works

Interest in continuing this bike node citizen driven network

Some knowledge of Brussels bike actors ideal

Register online here your interest/active participation

Note already:

Team zoom meeting on bikenode 28/3 20-21H (get to know the team)

Note already the Growfunding sessions

31/3 18H

6/4 18H

Let this fun project continue!

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