Focus : Bikenode.Brussels own Growfunding rewards

Dernière mise à jour : 7 juil. 2021

Focus : Bikenode.Brussels own Growfunding rewards

(10€) We will be organising a closing event in Brussels on 21st of August. You will receive a special invitation to attend the closing reception. The location will be revealed later on.

The closing reception will also be the place where you meet all the volunteers that are participating in the bikenode citizen update this summer.

(30€) An exlusive poster created Leticia Serre from Grafik; it highlights the link between biking and enjoying a drink at a terrace, typical for a recreational bike node network. Get it at the 21/8 end of crowdfunding drink or from September on at Grafik in Schaerbeek

(55€) Did you know you can become the happy ambassador of one of the 60 bikenodes in Brussels, and this for a year? Check out the make of nodes in Brussels, and on a first come first serve service, you will be able to choose your favourite node, well some are already reserved, so be fast.

You will become part of the circle of ambassadors of the bikenode network and receive an exclusive ambassador pins.

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