Focus: B2C partner Growfunding rewards

(25€) Partner Provelo is organising thematich guided tours the whole summer. With this reward you can participate as an

individual to these organised biking tours. Check

with this reward bikenode also invites your to the closing event.

(45€) Partner routeyou Brussels individual fan pack

Routeyouplus annual subscription + invitation to closing event

Our historic partner Routeyou has a very powerfull platform for preparing your cycle routes and be inspired. The RouteYou Plus annual subscription allows you to plan cycling routes on the Brussels Cycle Node Network and far beyond + to download these routes on your smartphone, paper and GPS devices for use.

Routeyouplus annual subscription + invitation to closing event

(180€) organise your bike excursion - 6 persons

Historic partner and bike guided tour organiser Cactus Brussel à vélo will create an unforgettable bike excursion tailored to your bubble.

These rewards are to be found on the Growfunding campaign page

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