Bikenode - business models outcome session 2 of 30/11

On 30/11 we looked at two important topics:

- Business model: how to make sure that this bikenode project can evolve into a real bikenode infrastructure in the Brussel region; looking at several business models

- Governance: internal and also how to work with the Brussels regional administrations

It turned out that there is a first dimension that needs to be looked at: the scope of the project.

Is it simply a bikenode network, or is it a slow tourism infrastructure project? For example this will have an impact on the bmodel of revenues and expenses.

Expenses vary from:

- digital network: keep the technical nodes up to date and aligned

- digital network and routeplanner

- management of the bikenode community and facilitation aspects

- on-road signaling?

- promotion of the bikenode network

- enlarge to a slow tourism actor

Revevenus might come from

- data and licening the network (althoguh this can be counterproductive for certain business models)

- data derived : statistics, other products in paper format

- project subsidy

- an impact investor

- subsidy

- other


Next 6 business models were reviewed that mixed these revenues and expenses

1. data-business

2. routing agency in the strict sense

3. routing agency extended

4. project subsidy via an existing bike organisation

5. impact investment

6. hack the system MVP and tactical actions

What about internal organisation and governance?

This is a discussion that will be started up with the sociale innovatiefabriek in the coming months and with the Brussels administration.


- Cooperative

- Project within another organisation?

- Transition model with extended routing agency

- ...

Lots of energy and discussion still up in the air, and will land at some point hopefully.

Thanks for all the participants.

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